About Marcas

Through our global knowledge and combined purchasing power, our goal is to deliver savings and assurance to your supply chain.

Marcas’ objective is to obtain the most competitive prices with selected suppliers for its members. We are able to leverage pricing negotiations using the combined volume of the 950+ vessels we touch.

Our members benefit from this collective buying power – we have agreements with over 390 reputable suppliers located all over the world. Our agreements cover all main technical Opex categories including lubricants, paints, chemicals and gases, engines and propulsion, technical services, ship systems, chandlery, logistics, safety services and food.

Delivering pricing competitiveness by leveraging our scale has been key to the success of Marcas over the last 22+ years and will remain core to what we do.  But as the shipping industry continues to evolve, so does Marcas.

Our category management structure enables us to move beyond price to look at how we optimise Opex for our members.  We work with our members and suppliers to understand what is driving the cost their supply chain and put solutions in place to address those costs.  That may be better forward planning of requirements, challenging requirements or changing the suppliers we use or the products we buy.

Our strategy is to harness the power of the data we collect to drive innovation within the supply chain, with a focus on service delivery and cost performance.

We will also look to work more closely with our Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ) colleagues to ensure our supply chain partners are helping us to meet and exceed expected standards.


Our Values

Marcas shares V.Group’s values. We apply these values to everything we do: within our Team, with our Customers and with our Suppliers.

If you share our values and would like to find out more about becoming a Member or a Supplier, please click here to contact us.

We care We care

about our colleagues, our customers, and our company

We challenge We challenge

by innovating to keep us and our customers ahead of the competition

We collaborate We collaborate

by connecting and communicating to ensure alignment

We are consistent We are consistent

always operating in a safe and regulatory compliant way

We commit and deliver We commit and deliver

and always aim to keep our promises